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Thread: The Dominion War: Jordyn Mormar's Logs

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    The Dominion War: Jordyn Mormar's Logs

    [Theta Antares III, Caesius Command]
    [August 3, 2387]
    [Stardate 64588.1]


    General Jordyn Mormar turned from the base's vista view, to see his assistant, Petty Officer Brandt, standing there. Shaking off a stray thought that he was having, the thought drifting away into the ether as he cleared his throat. "Yes?"

    "Uh, sir, your 1600 appointment is here to speak with you."

    Mormar sighed slightly as he brought his fingers together, steeping them. "Why am I giving interviews again?" he pondered out loud.

    "To try to put a reality within the mind of the Federation about the conflict with the Divine Alliance," Brandt replied, as ordered.

    "Right, right..." Mormar resigned himself to the task at hand. A FNS reporter is exactly what the conflict with the Divine Alliance needed: a link back to the rest of the galaxy to drum up support and get them the supplies they needed in order to continue the war effort. They were fighting a war of attrition with a group that would be able to overwhelm the Federation a thousand to one if they wanted to, but never do. Why, then, did the Divine Alliance let it be a war of attrition and tolerate lightning raids into their territory, that was a question that only a few would know, and he could hopefully get out into the open.

    "So... what should I do with them?" Brandt asked.

    "Send them in, and hope I don't screw up anything in the process."

    Brandt said nothing in reply, simply nodded and walked back out the sliding door to greet the people patiently waiting in the anteroom. Mormar could hear him faintly beckon them inside the office, and Mormar stood up, straightening out his uniform and being as media-friendly as he could be to the people waiting outside.

    Sooner than Mormar could think of, Brandt returned with a four person crew and started to introduce them one by one: FNS Journalist Rebecca de Lucia, lead camera V'Nol, camera two Brad Killarney and makeup specialist Mol. Mormar greeted them and made polite small talk as the crew set up what they needed in the center of the office, near to the tactical holoprojection table. Within a few minutes, they were ready, with hovering lights to help illuminate as the camera crew donned their auto-stabilizing cameras. There was a touch or two done to Mormar's face as they prepared, a process that the older general was uncomfortable with as Mol ran his specialized tools over Mormar's brow to reduce the shine for the cameras.

    de Lucia, in her chair across from the general, said reassuringly, "General, as was discussed with the Starfleet Command staff, you get final editing and say in what eventually gets broadcast in the Federation, but I do remind you that we are a free press and have a responsibility to the truth as well, so we do ask that you answer honestly and edit very lightly. If you want to tell us something off the record, you may do so at any time."

    Mormar nodded in response, only once. "Will do, ma'am."

    de Lucia smiled. "You can call me Rebecca, General." She turned to V'Nol. "All right, let's roll our introduction to the interview."

    V'Nol counted down with his fingers, giving the journalist time to collect her thoughts and glance down at her PADD once more before putting on a gorgeous smile. In that moment, General Mormar was drawn into her natural charisma, the warm voice and pleasant features which probably got her the assignment; as most of the leadership in this sector were males, it was an obvious choice for getting her in as fast as they could and get the truth. Clever bastards-

    "In many corners of the Federation, there are stories about people doing incredible things in the face of adversity. The continued aid to the Cardassian Union, the refugee crisis of the Romulan Star Empire, and many other fronts. One part that gets little attention is the Theta Antares sector block, near the edge of the galaxy, where what can be best described as a war is being fought for the survival of not only the Federation, but the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Here with me today is General Jordyn Mormar of the Starfleet Marine Corps, a decorated officer and veteran of the Cardassian War, the Battle of Sector 001, the Dominion War, and other conflicts. General, thank you for inviting us to your base, it is beautiful."

    The transition in between her speaking to the camera and her attention being turned onto him was jarring, to say the least. He swallowed once and spoke, "Thank you. The Marines are not normally known for their aesthetic appreciation, but it's an office I am proud to call home."

    de Lucia smiled. "Indeed. You have been assigned here for... two years?"

    "Yes, with a brief relief period in 2386 when General Hargrave was assigned here as I traveled to the Klingon Empire."

    "Wow, that is an impressive trip. How was that accomplished so quickly?"

    "Starfleet authorized a Vesta-class ship, the Monte Mario, for us to use as a fast transport in between this world and the rest of the Federation. Normally a convoy takes a few months to arrive here just one way, but the Monte Mario can make the trip in between here and Earth in just two weeks. Because of the requirements of quantum slipstream, we have to use it sparingly for energy concerns."

    de Lucia made some nodding motions as she heard what was here. "And how many starships are you responsible for?"

    "About fifty starships, mostly older designs that have been brought out of mothballs from the Dominion War era. Some of our facilities are dedicated to refitting these for exploration and defense up to modern standards, with some not having been occupied since that war ended."

    "For those viewers not familiar with what you are doing out here, can you please elaborate? What is Starfleet doing out here with a major base so far away from the Federation and why does it take so long to get here?"

    "Certainly. Three years ago, a survey team had come to observe the Theta Antares cluster on a long-range exploration mission to map this cluster for planets. A division of three hundred light-years worth of planets were uninhabitable, yet full of resources that were of interest to the Federation and our allies. One of the ships of this survey mission stumbled across a micronebula that had unusual gravitational properties. Inside the nebula was an object of Iconian design-"

    "The Iconians," de Lucia interrupted. Mormar tried his best to hide his irritation. "You mean the empire that died out 200,000 years ago?"

    "Correct. Previously we had only believed the Iconians to be a planet-based species with no ships, but this technology predated that extinction event by somewhere in between 10 and 20,000 years. It was a space gateway, created by what we now know as a breakaway faction of the Iconian civilization that took their species to the farthest reaches of our galaxy, then outside of it., pointing us at another space gateway in the galaxy we know as M90."

    de Lucia was speechless. Mormar caught that with his telepathy and smiled. "What, don't believe me? I'll send you across in a few days so you can get a glimpse of another galaxy and some video footage. Our job is the exploration, colonization and defense of this resource."

    "I had no idea that this was here," de Lucia said.

    "That is why you are here, to spread the word that something this important is here." Along with other things, he did not say. de Lucia looked like a reporter that did not like to be taken by surprise, and being shocked by the existence of the Iconian gateway was a sign that Mormar felt a tinge of sadness toward, as it appeared that either de Lucia was rather ignorant of the universe around her, or the Federation had not been focusing on this major resource and was too concerned with other matters, though to be fair, an empire collapsing under its own weight and the politics of the last ten years had been pretty big...

    "Well, as much as I want to get to that and see what the Theta Antares sector has to offer, I have other questions here for you personally."


    "You are from a long line of Starfleet officers."

    "Correct. Most, if not all, the Mormars have served in Starfleet in some capacity. My brother Adrian Mormar retired as a four-star Admiral four years ago, who led the Fourth Fleet. My children, with the exception of one, have all served at some point or another, either as enlisted folk or officers. My sister's children are all career officers, as well, rest her soul."

    "Your lists of personal accomplishments is impressive, too. The Cardassian War stands out, as it was your first posting."

    "I only caught the tail end of that, got deployed a few weeks before the treaty was signed that created the Demilitarized Zone. I... lost a few officers to the Maquis at the time."

    "Were you tempted?"

    "No. They mostly thought they were fighting this 'noble cause' but most of them just thought they were in an old Earth novel."

    "And then the Dominion came."

    Mormar stopped for a moment, then nodded sullenly. "Yeah, then the Dominion." He stopped for a second, and before de Lucia could ask another question he started talking. "The Divine Alliance actually shares quite a bit of similarities with the Dominion..."

    Division Commander's Log, Stardate 48212.6:

    Word has reached us of the encounters with the Dominion and destruction of the USS Odyssey. The General has ordered a combat ready state, ready for deployment at a moment's notice.

    If and when that will come is anyone's guess, but as with any enemy that we have been deployed at, the 108th will be victorious. We fought off the Borg, we fought off the Cardassians; these ones will be no different.

    Division Commander's Personal Log, Stardate 48212.6:

    "The Dominion". What an oddly religious name for an empire. In the briefings was a small footnote on the inner workings of this empire by another name, which was I gather all that the crew of the Defiant got on their mission to the Gamma Quadrant. Religious seems to be right, considering the Founders, Changelings, Shapeshifters, whatever name they are going with, are revered as gods by the other two primary species, the Jem'Hadar and the Vorta. Something about being bred into it, whatever that means. Indoctrination is one thing, but bred into it? What, the Jem'Hadar are raised to believe it? Their Jem'Hadar mommies and daddies tell them that the shapeshifters breathed life into their species?

    *a loud sighing noise is heard in the recording*

    I can infer a few things from this though: the Jem'Hadar are probably incredibly vicious. If they are fighting for a higher power, they are most likely fighting because that belief will get them accepted by the gods or something, which means they'll fight to the last and we won't have to worry much about prisoners on the main battlefield. This is the kind of nightmare weapons that I would rather not see in combat, but it looks like the Federation will not give us any choice in the matter. Not that it is our choice that much, I don't pretend to know much about politics, but this is a battle that I hope we don't have to face.

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    de Lucia raised an eyebrow at the statement. "The Dominion and the Divine have similarities?" she said incredulously.

    Mormar nodded. "Other than being antagonists to the Federation, how they control their followers is remarkably similar. They both use doctrine that has been spread through the ages to make the others believe that they will die serving a higher purpose; the only difference is that while the Dominion grows their strength through genetic engineering, cloning and breeding, the Divine Alliance takes a follow or die and simply absorbs populations that are more willing into their own structure and kills those that resist. Religious manipulation of masses into fervent believers is a definite drive for both empires."

    "I do see those connections, thank you for listing them," de Lucia replied with a smile.

    Division Commander's Log, Stardate 48344.1:

    Briefings continue on the threat of the Dominion. Thanks to intelligence efforts by the crew of Deep Space Nine and other starships, we know that the Dominion breed, grow and deploy the Jem'Hadar quickly to be shock troops for their armies.

    Stand down from ready status was given to the 108th, and the 92nd has indicated an alert status readiness. While it would be good to see the combat, it is a relief to not be on constant vigil.

    Division Commander's Personal Log:

    These Jem'Hadar are now in pants-pissing position ahead of facing down Klingons. It takes a lot to put them at that spot in my books. Incubation chambers, accelerated growth, missing enzymes to ensure obedience... these things are the stuff of nightmares.

    Since we're standing down, I got a chance to have a drink at the officer's club tonight. First time I've had a chance to cut loose since the divorce with Miranda; the drinks were decent, but the company not so much. I must remember that, if I ever get a command all to myself of a group, it must have good access to a watering hole that features people that aren't also jarheads.
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    Jordyn smiled to himself as he remembered that day in the officer's club, drawing a look from the reporter across from him. He just nodded and waved her off. "Sorry, I was caught in a memory, and a small irony. Continue."

    de Lucia regarded him with a confused look, but continued. "So the Klingon-Federation conflict of 2372, where were you?"

    Mormar smiled. "I was in the same place I was when the Dominion started: command of Division 2 of the Big Red One, the First Marine Expeditionary Force. We did get mobilized a few times before that, though." Before de Lucia could ask what he meant, Jordyn elaborated. "During the buildup to the Dominion War, the Federation had been infiltrated by the Founders, as you are well aware. They put the screws to us from the inside, and they did it with just two or three of them spread out on Earth. At the time, the DMZ wasn't a high priority, but we did have a few incidents of paranoia go throughout the barracks." He smirked. "There was one time where I had to put down a mutiny attempt because the men thought our one-star commanding officer was a Changeling."

    Division Commander's Log, Stardate 48526.1:

    Briefings and talk about the Tzenkethi threat to the Federation were interrupted by an officer who attempted to extract blood from the general. The situation was easily dealt with, and no further interesting events happened.

    Current mood is tense.

    Division Commander's Personal Log, Stardate 48526.1:

    Lieutenant Bremer is a goddamned idiot and should be shot for what he did today. Interrupting a briefing on that level, just to threaten to CO with a knife because he thought he was a Changeling. As if the general and his commanders didn't do a blood draw test to see if anyone was replaced beforehand! Doc repaired my hand all right, but I have half a mind to march back down to the brig and put my boot up his ass for that stunning display of stupidity.

    *long pause*

    I can't say I blame him, though. This Dominion situation has got everyone on edge. Two nights ago, there was the brawl in the enlisted bar, and now this. Everyone's on edge. Does not help that Marine Central has put a lid on information for now. Some Admiral Layton has been ordering silence on radio chatter for a while; he was asking the General questions about the men that made me feel... uncomfortable.
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    "And the attempted coup of the Federation?"

    Mormar paused for a moment, trying to collect his words. Looking to the side for a moment, he started to recall. "You know, I met Admiral Layton once, before his little attempt at martial law and basically a complete military takeover of Earth. I thought he was a good guy at first, but the questions and the intensity he had..." He smiled. You know, if I were a better telepath, I might have known what he was doing."

    de Lucia paused. "You're Betazoid?" she asked.

    Mormar nodded. "It's a genetic abnormality that we have deep blue eyes in our family instead of the brown-black common with our species. It keeps people off-guard. Comes at a cost, though, and that is that my family is a set of weaker telepaths."

    The reporter jotted down some notes on her PADD. "An interesting tidbit for your bio."

    "If you could not put that in, I would appreciate it, about the weaker telepathy. I try to keep some things a surprise."

    Division Commander's Log, Stardate 49364

    Admiral Layton's attempted coup of the Federation homeworld has sent shocks through the troops, and some sympathizers have been arrested and are now occupying the brig. Good Marines, good Starfleet personnel.

    A commendation to Captain Brandt. She was instrumental in reigning in the disruptive elements.

    Division Commander's Personal Log, Stardate 49364

    What the actual Hell is going on with the Federation?

    Utopia, my ass.
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