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    Gamma Recruits

    What's your thoughts on the new content?
    I seem familiar.

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    The expansion dropped on my birthday, and I had my parents get me $150 in Steam cards to pay for the big damn pack - yeah, I was that into it, heh - and no regrets. Jem'Hadar proved to be a lot more interesting than I had expected. (And naturally, at least with my Fed one, I ended up naming him for the JH bridge officer that my main - "me" - got from Facility 4028, heh.) I just got him to 20 hours, so lots of marks and fleet vouchers came in from aaaaaaall the earlier stuff I did with the Delta and Temporal runs, heh...and with the Fed at least, those have been poured into the colony. Also kinda liking the Cardassian I made for the KDF, who I have flying around in the Damar science dreadnought at the moment - and all HER marks and vouchers have gone to the dilithium mine, where possible. Still waiting for them to add the Cardassian uniforms. The devs said it's coming...

    Gamma Quadrant campaign wasn't too shabby, either - though of the six missions we got, the best has to be the one with Quark, in my opinion. Nice to see the Magnificent Ferengi ride again, heh. I had initially been concerned with the rather short nature of the campaign, but was slightly reassured by its "To Be Continued..." ending - and it makes me wonder where it'll go from there.

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