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Thread: T'Laru Intel Carrier - Opinions

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    T'Laru Intel Carrier - Opinions

    So I finally got myself a T'Laru. Yay!

    Now here's the issue that I need help with: I've been researching builds from the Interwebs, and I have come across two that might work, plus a third. They cost a buttload of dil/EC, and I may have jumped the gun on one before I found the others, so opinions would be handy, please.

    The first one. I jumped the gun a bit and already have the Lukari shield and most of the resources needed to fill one of the two TDI ship equipment slots. The reason why I hesitate on aiming at this one after already starting is because this guy actively refuses to keep a regular parse on his build. He's got one at 146K on CCA, but a regular one would be better. Also, he's a Science, I'm an Eng.

    The second one. Things I like on this one is that someone actually uses the Assimilated space set for once, DBBs which are always fun, and general Romulan-ness. It's a tac captain, though, and I would want to replace the Shield-Absorptive Frequency Generator with a Conductive RCS, probably one that does EPG, and those are still stupid expensive on the Exchange/almost impossible to craft.

    Found a third one, but since I hate batteries I am hesitant to use. Only real advantages is that this is an Engineer on the build so it is an apples to apples build, and I already have two Antiproton DBBs. Kinda like the thought of plasma weaponry better though.
    I seem familiar.

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    Sorry, Adam. Just now saw this.

    I guess the most important question here is: do you want to prioritize weapon damage or exotic damage?

    Personally, I'm not too keen on using A2B on a ship with a Commander Science Boff slot, so I'm inclined to nix the third option.

    The first one is fairly well done as an exotic build, though it does have its flaws (and I would be more than happy to provide suggestions), though those suggestions would be turning it into more of a EPG/torp hybrid. *Most* EPG builds these days are exotic torp hybrid builds, especially since Plasmonic Leach got nerfed. Doubly so for Romulans, who have power issues (it's near impossible to have both good weapon and aux power). That said, science builds excel in CCA, probably why he only parses there. In ISA, I'd imagine 30-50k would be the norm for the average pilot.

    I really don't like the second build either. Sure, I could fix it (and I would want to use disruptors of some sort, though plasma would work as well), but even fixing it, it has a 4/2 weapons loadout. It loses weapons damage to pretty much everything except for 3/3 ships. Yet another reason I would turn it into an EPG/torp build. But again, I can make beams work here. It's entirely up to you.

    The one last thing I will say is don't turn this thing into a beam/torp hybrid build. It's a good ship, but she is seriously lacking the seating needed to support two different types of weapons. Either Beams/EPG with a focus on beams, or EPG/Torp with a focus on EPG.

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