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Thread: Klingon Fleet?

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    Klingon Fleet?

    Okay, so I am wondering if we still have a Klingon Fleet. If so is it completed?

    I ask because I am re-rolling a Romulan (again!) that I would like to be on the Klingon side. That said I also have a Klingon I haven't touched since... since... not sure how that sentence should end (the image it invoked suddenly made me feel awkward and vulnerable),

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    There are two: House of Fire and House of HutDIch Yo'. (Translation: House of the Ninth)

    Both are not complete. I am pretty much the only one working on the latter, and it's slightly ahead of House of Fire (Level 18 vs 17).

    Shoot me a message in-game to Nerrda@flyinggremlin if you want in.
    I seem familiar.

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