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Thread: SWTOR Imperial and Republic Fleets/Server

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    SWTOR Imperial and Republic Fleets/Server

    If any of you are interested in joining those of us who play SWTOR...

    We have an Imperial Fleet (Guardians Of The Empire) and a Republic Fleet (The Republic Guardians) on the North American Server Jedi Covenant.

    You can post here, PM me here, catch me on Discord, or find me in game to get an invite should you wish. We tend to see a bit more play on the Empire side, but we do have Banks for both Imp/Pub. Anyone who joins us will get bonuses to their regular experience and their social experience as well. We can also attempt to provide some help - information, in game assistance (gear, grouping and/or access to a Stronghold with several amenities, and help acquiring needed items.

    Please feel free to post any questions/comments here and I'll try to respond as quickly as possible.

    (I will edit this later with the names of all my characters in them to better assist anyone who is interested =) )
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    By the by, there is a server merger coming before year's end:

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    *Sparkal sneaks in* Its actually next month (November) on the 8th

    *Sparkal sneaks away and throws sparkle powder on the way out*

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    Makes sense. And damn you, do you know how hard it is to get that sparkly shit out of your hair?!

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