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We refuse to pay for another service at the moment. We have used Netflix and Hulu. I know I have to wait a while. I though may still take the leap once all the episodes are out and watch it all the way through so that I can watch them all in one go which is what I like about netflix.

I was one of the early adopter of netflix when everything used to be just disk and there was no streaming at the time. When we did come back there was streaming and all the star trek series have always been part of their streaming service and it was long after the series ended. We do not know how long its going to be. Hulu is about one season behind when it comes to CBS shows, so we will see. If anything I will wait til they are all out or close before I get all access.

I get what you are saying, but not everyone wants to take the leap right off the bat. I just saying I am like Fiddy and wait til it comes on Hulu or Netflix. If I can't wait any longer, then I will go for the all access but it will have to be either at the end or close to completing the season before I sub up. I want to make sure the other show I also watch that is CBS, is close also.
*smiles... (the way you say "Muuuujin" makes me think I should know the name Sparkal somehow; have we met already? if so forgive a cow for now remembering o.0)

Well anyway... according to Comicbook.com Netflix will grab it September 25, (I saw a trailer advertising it) which of course made me giddy all over again because that means I can cancel CBS Access (if I want to that is...) I too have Netflix & Hulu and yes these streamers are usually a season late in the game providing me with new episodes... *cough, leaving me wide open to someone spoiling the show for me lol. So forgive me if my enthusiasm seems pushy lol. I admit I'm overly giddy about having something new and Trek-ish that's coming across more serious and in depth than I am use to in this universe. It's a shame Discovery is stuck in the past within a finite period instead of being used to move things forward beyond Nemesis.

Honestly, I would of loved to have been aboard the USS Titan with Riker and Deanna and see the galaxy (again) from their unique perspective.