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    Welcome to The Ninth Fleet!

    We are a collection of writers, gamers and friends. The Ninth Fleet was born out of two distinct groups that shared a few members, making up of The Ninth Fleet Role-Playing Group, founded in 2011, and the Star Trek Online fleet Task Force Atlantis, founded in 2010, coming together in 2015 to make a brand new group simply called The Ninth Fleet. Since then, we have boldly gone into the future, expanded and contracted with the times, and generally stayed active within our little corner of the Internet.

    In 2017, a server issue happened and we were unable to recover data from this. Unfortunately most of our back catalog of writing was lost, and we are deeply sorry for this loss - none more than one of our admins whom lost a great deal of writing content. But from that, we chose to rise up again and create the site anew, once again being a hub and central space for our fleet.

    You may find out more about us from the sections above, take a peek at our Forum where we organize for our gaming and random writing projects, or take a peek into the minds of our people on their Blog, if they chose to write in one.

    And once again, welcome!
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